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Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017

BlueHost VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one step high level of web hosting as compared to shared hosting it is meant to hold and handle large websites which required high traffic probably in millions or needs high resources and security measures.

VPS hosting is most likely not for small traffic website like personal blog, business website etc where you get less then half a million visitors per month.

So in this article we will give a complete and detailed overview of BlueHost VPS hosting which is considered as the best in terms of both features and pricing, however we already did a small BlueHost review where we tell you about BlueHost VPS hosting and in our previous article we wrote BlueHost WordPress hosting review in case you miss it kindly check our previous article.

BlueHost VPS hosting always delivers high performance by using next generation advanced technologies where you feel the real power of VPS hosting in less price as compared to other VPS hosting provider.

BlueHost offers all the standard and many advanced features in it's VPS hosting no matter which plan you choose like money back guarantee feature, SSD storage in all of their plans and also if you want some extra features like SSL certificates, SiteLock features etc you can add in your plan.

So if you planning to choose VPS hosting for your website and you sure have to take a look in the next sections where we will tell you BlueHost VPS hosting features, plans and pricing and it's advantages and our final verdict on BlueHost VPS hosting.

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BlueHost VPS Hosting Features Overview:-

BlueHost VPS Hosting

BlueHost VPS hosting offers all the standard features and many advanced features that are more then enough for a website who needs VPS hosting and if you want some more features you can add some extra available optional features.

Now let's discuss some of the great features of BlueHost VPS hosting.

High Performance

BlueHost uses highly advanced technology like OpenStack and KVM and others in their VPS hosting which makes BlueHost VPS hosting is the best options specially in terms of performance.

When you choose their VPS hosting you will never experience any downtime and speed issue and also at the same time you will feel how to use their world class highly customized cPanel control panel.

Customized cPanel

As we told in our previous articles about cPanel control panel and how this customized control panel minimize your efforts in terms of managing your account and in VPS hosting.

BlueHost added some extra features like some special tools to manage to your VPS hosting and WHM control which will help you to manage your VPS account more appropriately.

Dedicated Resources

We also talked about this feature in BlueHost WordPress hosting also, this feature helps you to really get what you have paid for means the features or resources on which you have spent the money all will be yours.

BlueHost uses advanced KVM hypervisor technology in their servers which helps to partition and separate your resources from others so that you will get high performance by making available all your resources all the time for your website.

Dynamic Resources

With BlueHost Dynamic resources feature you can add additional resources in to your account and the best part is you don't have to wait for the changes the whole process takes just 1 click so if you want to buy some additional resources like RAM, CPU, storage then you easily upgrade your plan without facing any downtime.

Multiple Server Management

Now there are many situations when you need multiple serves to handle some kinds of regular task then BlueHost also have an options for you in which you can use more than 1 VPS or even use shared or dedicated servers if you want.

So with BlueHost hosting you will get endless facility and flexibility to host your website in then best possible environment.

Advanced Control

BlueHost provides extreme freedom where you can access Secure Shell (SSH), log file and customize your website .htaccess file, add cron jobs, and edit your php.ini file as per your requirement.

You can also get Root access to the server so that you can do anything thing you want on the server and BlueHost also provides some access control feature where you create passwords for specific people for specific places on your server.

Optional Addons

BlueHost offers many options addons so that you don't feel that something is missing. You will get many optional addons like SSL certificates to encrypt the connection between you server and visitors which helps to increase website data security, Domain Privacy where you can prevent from Identity theft, spam and phishing attacks, SiteLock which helps your website to prevent from malwares by detecting and fixing the issues, Slite Backup Pro to backup your website data and recover the files anytime you want.

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BlueHost VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing :-

BlueHost offers 3 different plans and pricing in their VPS hosting which are fully sufficient for their users. BlueHost VPS hosting has 3 plans Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate and obviously you can add more addons to any of your plan if you need any at anytime.

Now let's discuss all the 3 plans and pricing in detail.

Standard Plan

BlueHost VPS hosting Standard plan offers 2 Cores, 30 GB SSD storage space, 2 GB of RAM, Unlimited bandwidth, 1 domain and 1 IP address, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and managed 24/7 by their support and this plan cost you $19.99*/mo

Enhanced Plan

This BlueHost VPS hosting plan is also recommended by them also it offers 2 Cores, 60 GB SSD storage space, 4 GB of RAM, Unlimited bandwidth, 1 domain and 2 IP address, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and managed 24/7 by their support and the cost of this plan is $29.99*/mo.

Ultimate Plan

BlueHost VPS Ultimate plan offers 4 Cores, 120 GB SSD storage space, 8 GB of RAM, Unlimited bandwidth, 1 domain and 2 IP address, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and managed 24/7 by their support and you have to pay $59.99*/mo for this plan.

BlueHost VPS Hosting

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Advantage Of BlueHost VPS Hosting :-


This BlueHost VPS hosting is same like all other BlueHost hosting's in terms of performance also you will get the top-notch performance like great uptime, extremely fast speed and dedicated resources management for you which make this VPS hosting a powerhouse


With this BlueHost hosting you will get all the features for your website like customized cPanel, instant upgrade of your server and advanced technology like OpenStack and KVM and many others.


BlueHost VPS hosting offers many optional addons which you can add in your account to make your website even better there are many addons which helps your website to prevent from many attacks like malwares, phishing and also prevent from data loss, identity theft and spamming.


BlueHost is without any doubt one of the best web hosting service in terms of reliability and thanks to their support and maintenance team which are responsible for maintaining and handling the servers in their own places and ensure that your website works and run all the time.


We all know BlueHost customer support is outstanding and now you can get help from team which is especially for VPS hosting related problems and you can contact them 24/7.


BlueHost VPS hosting plans is very affordable as compared to other hosting provider who provides VPS hosting the beginners plans cost you $19.99/mo which have all the features and optional addons.

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Final Verdict On BlueHost VPS Hosting:-

BlueHost VPS hosting is sure a great hosting service for high traffic websites or for those website which needs higher resources as compared to shared hosting.

BlueHost VPS hosting offers everything in great price and also 30 day money back guarantee offer and all this makes BlueHost a great options to host your website.

We definitely recommend BlueHost VPS hosting if you are looking for VPS hosting then you should try this BlueHost VPS hosting you will never regret for your decision.

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BlueHost Verdict

Yes, we definitely recommend BlueHost it is the best web hosting service we ever experienced no matter which web hosting you choose you get the best hosting, features and customer service at very affordable price.

Our BlueHost Rating (5/5):-
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Shared Hosting - $2.95*/mo

WordPress Hosting - $19.99*/mo

Cloud Hosting - $6.95*/mo

VPS Hosting - $19.99*/mo

Dedicated Hosting - $79.99*/mo

WooCommerce Hosting - $6.95*/mo Coupon

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