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Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017

BlueHost Shared Hosting

In this article we will write a detailed review of BlueHost shared hosting and tell you everything about it.

However we already did a small overview of BlueHost shared hosting and other hosting services that BlueHost offers in our previous article of BlueHost review.

BlueHost is not doubt one of the biggest and best web hosting company in the world with excellent hosting service and customer support, they created No.1 spot in web hosting industry by delivering the best possible hosting experience consistently which is why they are serving more than 2 million websites all over the world

Any kind of web hosting service which is offered by BlueHost is best in class and Shared Hosting is also among them.

BlueHost shared hosting is very powerful for every kind of website starting from low traffic websites like business website, personal website to medium traffic website like a popular blog, small classified website or an e-commerce website you will not got any problem if you have any of these website or any other website that get good amount of website traffic you can host your website without getting any problem.

Generally people use shared web hosting for their new website because it is less expensive great features for entry level website and if you choose BlueHost it is easy to get all these things and anytime you can upgrade your hosting so that your website cannot face any downtime or any hosting related problem which by the way many big and popular web hosting does not offer.

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BlueHost Shared Hosting Features Overview:-

BlueHost Shared Hosting

Let's start reviewing some of the main features of BlueHost shared web hosting one by one here


BlueHost offers simple domain manager from which you can easily track, update, transfer or even purchase a new domain with their Plus and Business accounts you can also you can get unlimited Add-ons and domestic and international domains.


With BlueHost shared web hosting you can create literally unlimited domains with features like email forwarding, account filters, secure POP3 and IMAP, third-party applications support, spam protection and many others and also you can manage all your emails easily thanks to their Enhanced cPanel which we will tell you in next point.

Customised And Enhanced cPanel

BlueHost uses the world class control panel system cPanel and makes it more functional by adding some more tools which make it more easy to use with beautiful interface so that you can manage all your website, domains, file, emails and everything that is attached to your account super easily.

Regular Backups

Doing backups regularly manually is very difficult task and BlueHost knows it that is why we provide regular backup feature where their system create daily, weekly or monthly backups of your entire account which included all the things like websites, email and other things and you can restore your backup data anytime you want.

Easy Upgrades

This one feature we talked about above, no matter what plan you use if you think your website needs more rsources like website storage or anything else you can easily upgrade your website plan in just few click without facing any downtime.

Access Control

BlueHost provides the ability to restrict some areas of your account if you want for eg if you have a team of people who manages your account you can easily set up users login and passwords for particular sections so that only authorised person can enter their sections in your account other then you.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

BlueHost integrates one of the world's best content delivery network CloudFlare into your account, CloudFlare is an advanced CDN which helps to increase your website speed by delivering some of your website heavy data like images and other things using their system technology.

Unique IPs

This is an advanced security control feature where you can enable advanced control of ports and you can also protect your account by securing an IP address assigned to only your websites.

SSL Certificate

Now SSL certificates are becoming a must have feature for any web hosting provider it helps to encrypt the connection between your website and it's users for example submitting a form on your website like creating an account or something else which includes filling a form.

Advanced Features

BlueHost gives you access to easily use some of the advanced features like Secure Shell (SSH) access, server-side includes, log file access and web-based managers for files, databases and email and also you can add and manage .htaccess file, cron jobs to automate certain task and php.ini file.

These are some of the main features of BlueHost shared hosting but there and plenty more features available which makes your website more powerful and gives you power to do anything with your website.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing :-

BlueHost shared hosting plans are very easyto examine, they have each and everything very clearly in their plans and pricing section so that you can see what features you will get in which plan.

Currently BlueHost offers 4 plans in their shared web hosting Basic ($2.75/mo*), Plus ($5.95/mo*), Prime ($5.95/mo*) and Pro ($13.95/mo*).

Let's discuss each and every plan with features and pricing one by one.

Basic Plan

BlueHost shared hosting basic plan offers single website installation with 50 GB website space and a free domain in registration and some standard features like free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited parked and sub domains, WordPress auto update, free website caching and many others and all these features cost you $2.75/mo*.

Plus Plan

Plus plan of BlueHost shared hosting includes unlimited websites, unmetered website, free domain, 1 spam experts and tons of features including standard features like they provide in Basic plan and apart from that you will also get some essential features like PPC advertising, SEO tools, Spam protection, malware detection, free CDN enabled and daily backups etc and all these features cost you $5.95/mo*.

Prime Plan

This Prime plan is also recommended by BlueHost becuase it has all the features which most of the website need in shared hosting in low price, this plan includes unlimited website, unmetered website space, free domain, 1 spam experts, 1 domain privacy, site backup pro and all thye standard and essential features that we tell you in previous plans and this plan cost you $5.95/mo*.

Pro Plan

BlueHost shared hosting Pro plan is the highest plan that BlueHost offers in shared hosting it includes all the features that any website needs in shared web hosting and they offer all the features you get in their Prime plan and also also includes some advanced features like Light server density, Dedicated IP and availability of Dynamic CDN and it cost you $13.95/mo*.

BlueHost Shared Hosting

Advantage Of BlueHost Shared Hosting :-

There are many advantage of using BlueHost and we have written some of the main advantage which every user wants in their web hosting service.

Uptime & Speed

No doubt BlueHost provides one of the best uptime guarantee you will probably never see any downtime and that is for sure and when it comes to speed BlueHost is best because they inbuilt CDN and other technolgies which makes your website super fast.

Advanced Features

BlueHost offer many advanced features like Access control, CDN, secure shell access, .htaccess file access, php.ini file access and many others which you do get in most of the other web hosting provider in that much pricing.

Optional Addons

They also offer optional addons like unique IP, SSL certificates, sitelock, site backup pro and many other which you can use on your website to make it more advanced and secure.

Advertising Credits

BlueHost also offer free additional advertising credits for your website in some of their plans which is very helpful in order to promote your website in some of the biggest places like Google, Yahoo etc.


BlueHost takes security very seriously which is why they many in built security feartures like Spam protection, malwared protection and if you want more security features they also provide some optional security features like SiteLock, SSL certificates and many others.

30 Day Money Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee feature is now offered by many web hosting provider but none of them is following this feature but with BlueHost, if you are not satisfied with BlueHost hosting service you can ask of a refund and your money will be refunded without any problem.

Plans & Pricing

BlueHost plans and pricing is very good and transparent and frankly speaking it is very clear you can see what features you will get what pricing there is nothing hidden in their plans and features.

Customer Support

They provide the best customer support as compared to any other web hosting service your problem or any questions will be answered very quickly and also the staff of BlueHost is very friendly you can contact themk via email, ticket, live chat and also via phone.

Final Verdict On BlueHost Shared Hosting:-

Without any doubt BlueHost shared hosting is the best shared hosting you will get all the regular and advanced features in very low price and also you will get very good this is all everyone wants from a hosting provider and BlueHost successfully delivers all these things.

We definitely recommend BlueHost shared web hosting everyone should try their website for atleast for one of the their website you will love the web hosting experience and performance you and your website will get.

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BlueHost Verdict

Yes, we definitely recommend BlueHost it is the best web hosting service we ever experienced no matter which web hosting you choose you get the best hosting, features and customer service at very affordable price.

Our BlueHost Rating (5/5):-
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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